It’s Almost Pumpkin Season

Fall is just around the corner, and I’m getting excited.

Seriously, I have a running list of all the great things the cooler weather brings:

  • Pumpkin recipes (like pumpkin chili–you need to try it this year)
  • Other fall recipes (I intend to try some of these in the coming months)
  • Hot chocolate/hot tea/hot apple cider/hot drinks in general
  • Excuses to make/eat obnoxious amounts of soup
  • Excuses to cuddle
  • Long-sleeved T’s (probably what I missed most this summer)
  • Boots!
  • And cute fall decorations (I wish I had pictures of the little scarecrow people I have, but I don’t and they’re boxed up right now)
That’s just a start. Fall has lots of other great things to offer. But, seriously…
I. Can’t. Wait.

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